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New Year… and finally a new post!

Sorry, you know how it happens – Christmas comes and you become too busy with living life to blog about it! So, to catch up, here are some highlights (and the lowlights) of the last few weeks…

– Spending time with my good friends. Yeah, we see each other all the time, but those group Christmas meals are still great fun

– Catching up with people you don’t see much. Christmas parties and gathering are a great way to catch up with people you won’t make the effort to see but you are still mildly interested in, you know the ones – pre-facebook you’d have no idea where in the world they are, now you know that they are freezing in Boston but have no idea of anything deeper than that.

– Going to the beach. When my British friends say to me ‘how can it feel Christmasy when it’s cold’, I always tell them that it doesn’t feel Christmasy until you have Boxing Day in the sun on the beach.

– Getting¬†¬†food poisoning. One of those long leasurely lunches with friends turned into three of us being on drips in hospital… a drastic way to shed Christmas weight!

– New Year in Jamaica = start of the soca season. Excellent!!! So have enjoyed some soca at parties and am now needing to get into the gym swing in order to be ready for Carnival 08…

– Being back at work. Hmmm, will say no more on that one now!


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