A walk in the north Yorkshire moors

December 1, 2005 at 9:18 am 5 comments

Following cream and various other people, I am now going on a walk from my past… this walk was especially chosen for Guyana Girl so i hope she enjoys it! Next time I head to portland, will take lots of photos and do a photo walk from there.

I used to live in a small, very pretty town called Yarm in North Yorkshire. Everyday I drove down the dual highway to work about 20 miles away in a place called Northallerton. Soon after you left Yarm on the let you could see this strange shaped hill called Rosebury Topping. So one day, soon after I moved there, I took a friend and went exploring…

You turn off the main road, and drive through twisty country lanes, through small villages that look like they haven’t changed in hundreds of years, past trees all in their autumn colours, occasionally overtaking a horse and rider.

Once you’ve parked your car, you head up the path. It starts by going through a kind of open area, with grass on either side of you. Ensure that you shut the gates behind you – you don’t want any angry farmers! The path here is nice and gentle, the kind of place where you can enjoy the walk and look at the butterflies. Then you enter a forest and it gets harder – you start climbing up and up. But the view changes – all you can see around you now is gold and brown, and you hear the crunch of leaves that have fallen from the trees under your feet. The path goes left then right as it zigg-zaggs its way up.

Then suddenly you come to another gate. And once you climb over the style beside it, you emerge from the forest and realise that you have come a long way up. Suddenly the land below you has opened up and you are able to see for miles. But there is still further to go up, so you head on up, knowing that the view at the top will be even more spectacular.

You are now walking along a rocky track, with some small flowers clinging to the edge of the path. It starts to get windy and you pull your hat down further on your head to keep your eyes warm. Then you reach a bit where you have to scramble over some rocks. Well, you don’t have to – you could walk around but scrambling is always more fun.

And then you’ve made it – you are at the top. You stand there for a minute catching your breath and then you start to look around and all you can think is Wow. The view is stunning. If you look to the east, you can see out to sea. Supposedly this is where Captain Cook came as a boy and was inspired to go and sail the seas. Near the foot of the hill you can see the pretty village of Great Ayton. If you look up north, you can see the industrial markings of Middlesborough – but from here, the smoke that comes out just looks like pretty clouds. Then further away you can see the A19, the dual highway, looking like a wiggly line – you can’t hear it from up here. To the south of you, you can see more of the North Yorkshire moors – all different shades of green and brown. And as it is a lovely clear day, you can see some of the Yorkshire Dales over to the south-west.

And although the wind is cold, you just stand there.

And after a while, it gets too cold, so you have your bar of chocolate and head off again – you’ve seen an old stone building down below you so you have to head there and have a look at it…

Now, who wants to take us for a walk next?


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  • 1. cream  |  December 1, 2005 at 10:09 am

    KG, this is a great walk. I haven’t walked it myself but I know all the places you have mentioned. A couple of weeks ago I drove over the moors to Helmsley, past Roseberry Topping and as you know our autumn is just as good as New England’s.
    Yarm is still a great little place full of nice restaurants and quaint shops.
    I am sure that GG would love this walk if she ever came here.
    Well done!

  • 2. Guyana-Gyal  |  December 1, 2005 at 1:51 pm

    This was lovely Kingston Girl. Even though it’s cold it has Solitude! Beautiful Solitude.

    There is a rugged wildness to it that I love. Thanks Kingston Girl. I’m off to add this to my cyber walk post.

  • 3. Dr. D.  |  December 1, 2005 at 8:25 pm

    Nice story. Sort of reminds me of the little hike I took on a hill on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Beautiful place in the summer. I must go back there one day.

  • 4. Debbie  |  December 7, 2005 at 12:33 pm

    A lovely walk it was. Will you please stop by and bring your flag. I’ve been traveling the planet by blogsite and this is my stop in Jamaica. I dont have your flag yet. 🙂

    I’ve already got Gyana-Gal. 🙂

    I’m up to 93 and would love to have yours fly along side the rest!

    Thank you!

  • 5. Kingston Girl  |  December 7, 2005 at 4:39 pm

    Debbie – have been and planted my flag! Hope that you follow the blog tour with actual visits….–>


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