October 24, 2005 at 2:03 pm 1 comment

It was one of my good friends birthday this weekend. So we had to celebrate on Friday… Celebrations started off with drinks and cake at our regular Friday night hang out. And there were lots of drinks. And chocolate cake. hmmmmmm.

So we were all very happy with life before the secound phase of the evening started. We headed to Monte Carlo – a gaming lounge. Now this is a good example of how Jamaicans get around the law. Casinos are illegal in Jamaica. However, gaming lounges are legal. What I am trying to find out is the distinction between the two. I used to think it was the types of games that were played – for example, things like blackjack are casino games. However, this appears npot to be the case. What it is apparently is that in a casino there are real people dealing the cards, whereas in a gaming lounge it is all computerised. That’s it. So in a gaming lounge we have videos of people dealing the cards rather than real people.

Why I find all of this interesting is that the churches here are the main lobby for ensuring that casinos remain illegal. They say that gambling is addictive to many people and that it is especially dangerous in a poor country. Now the thing is that this may be the case – however there is so much gambling that goes on and casinos are here now in all but name that allowing people to deal cards really won’t make much difference. In addition, the ‘casinos’ are aimed at a certain market group – and in reality it is the horse betting places that target poor people more and should be monitored more.

Anyway, I’ll come off my politicising / speechifying and return to the story in hand.

We went to Monte Carlo and had an excellent time! Once you are playing games then you get free food and drinks (yes, alcoholic ones!). Now I can see that this might be lethal however I left all plastic outside so once my cash was done, that was it. So in fact it was a cheap night! And very amusing – the girls all ended up on the machines that were pretty and glittery, whereas the guys all pretended to use the machines that required skill. Well, either they had no skill or they were unlucky as they ended up no better off than those of us on the glittery machines.

And after all of that excitment and drinking, the night was finished off in a true Kingston night out fashion – with pan chicken from the man on the side of the raod – mmmmmm


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  • 1. Mad Bull  |  October 26, 2005 at 11:04 pm

    I won’t let Natty read this, she’d have a withdrawal attack! No such gaming places here…


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