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I am currently living with a friend for the summer. When I came home, I moved back in with my parents (more on that another day) but we had problems with the house we were living in. So we are moving to a new house… which is still being built. My parents are abroad at the moment and I refused to stay in the old house on my own so I am staying with a friend in the meanwhile.

Anyway, the point of this is that current housemate doesn’t like animals so my cat is living with another friend at the moment. And I miss him! I have always liked cats – they are so aloof and independent. Unlike dogs who will love anyone who feds them, cats are a lot more fussy. If they like you, it really means something.

I went home last night, tired and not in the best mood, and there was a stray cat sitting at my gate. When I got out of the car, it came over to say hi. It miaowed at me for a bit, then rubbed itself against my hand. It then rolled over to show me its tummy. I started to smile. At which point it looked at me and miaowed again and walked off. The cat knew it had done it’s good deed in cheering me up so it headed off about its business. And I went about mine, feeling happier than I had done before.


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