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September 17, 2005 at 11:48 am 2 comments

On Friday, as is our regular routine, I went out with 2 of my girlfriends . We wanted to head to Acropolis, the new gaming lounge. However, being the weekend BEFORE pay day, that wasn’t really a feasible option. So we ended up starting the evening with a few drinks at one of our regular places. And then moved on to meet one of the girl’s friends at RibCage, a bar/restaurant.

I was reminded there of how sweet some guys are. The guys we met there had never met 2 of us before. Yet when it came times for us to leave, our bill had been paid. It’s normal to have drinks bought for you, but we’d been pigging out with the food as well! And, before any cynics out there say anything, it was obvious that they were not going to get anything from any of us that evening.

Then we headed on to Christophers. Christophers is, supposedly, a ‘jazz bar’. Ok, I don’t claim to be really into jazz or to know much about it. But it appears to me that their definition of ‘jazz bar’ is somewhere where there is a pianist. Maybe playing some jazz type music. But in reality, just providing a background noise which ranges from reggae to soul to rod stewart. Sorry, but rod steward isn’t jazz!

Anyway, the thing that is good about Christophers is also the thing I hate most about it. I find it really pretentious. Being there is all about being seen. Lots of air kisses going around. Lots of fake smiles. Lots of fake laughing as well! And to be honest, on a Friday night, after a week at work being polite to my boss and everyone else, I am not usually up to playing that game.

However, its pretentiousness means that it is an excellent place to sit on a bar stool and people watch. I enjoy observing body language. And my two friends are very good at knowing lots of kingston gossip. So we sat there and watched. We looked at who was greeting who with a very fake smile because about 5 years ago, one of them had had thing with the other’s man. We looked at which man was on the prowl because his woman broke up with him because he won’t give her the all important ring. We looked at who was doing the floating clothes look, not because it is fashionable, but because they are trying to hid a bump. And we looked at so and so, who was doing his best to be polite to the person who took the job he wanted – but you could see daggers in his eyes.

And it reminded me of how small Kingston is. After being abroad you forget just how much everyone knows everyone here.

And it also reminded me of the gulfs that exist in Kingston. Outside Christophers you have guys trying to make a living watching cars. You have people begging for anything to help them feed their crack habit, picked up in an attempt to escape reality. You have the mad man fighting with the New Kingston rats, looking in the rubbish bin to find any left-over pan chicken. But in Christophers, with its cocktails and air conditioning, you can pretend that none of that happens.


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Keeping my wits… Vibes

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  • 1. Trouble  |  September 19, 2005 at 12:31 pm

    Hi KG, just linked in from the Mad Bull’s blog to check you out… Sounds like you got the ‘posein’ down… I lived a couple years in England, and I like Joss Stone too, we got a lot in common… I’ll check you back…

  • 2. Mad Bull  |  September 19, 2005 at 9:58 pm

    Actually, I think this was an excellent post! Awesome! I don’t often think about those on the outside of the clubs as I do the partying thing… You made me think about that, and their plight. I like that, I hope you keep this thing up.


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