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September 9, 2005 at 2:58 pm Leave a comment


Not sure what has got into me … starting a blog … but wanted to be able to comment some other people’s blogs who didn’t accept annoymous comments so this was the only way around it!

The way I see it is that there are 2 main problems with me writing a blog –
1. I’m lazy! I always have good ideas and intend to do things… but then get bored or forget or move onto something new so give up… so will see how long this lasts…
2. I’m in Kingston! Kingston is such a small place – everyone knows everyone and everyone knows everybody’s business. I’m not known for being a subtle or discreet person… but had better be careful what I write otherwise I’ll get myself in trouble.

But I’ll see how it goes.

Since coming home, I keep noticing things about here that hadn’t struck me before I lived away. And keep thinking that I want to share them, so this is a way to do that. Like how you can go nowhere without people trying to link into you somehow – oh, are you so-and-so’s sister? or did you go to school with so-and-so? People don’t do that abroad. Here we have the need to know your history and where you are coming from in order to relate to you now.

I’ve been back a year now… came home just in time for Hurricane Ivan… that was a good welcome home!

Anyway, will see how things go….

Bye for now!


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